Mark Gresty's Albums

Love and Other Cosmopolitan Diseases

Mark’s 3rd album is again loosely thematic in that all the songs are about love in some way as the title suggests. From the fatalistic Love’s Playground (a vague homage to Jimi Hendrix) to Man Alone, a companion piece to Every Shade of Blue on the first album, from the ironic Probably to the rollicking Impossible Love and Desperate Hearts, an observation of the unsuitable relationships of female friends and relatives, from the exaggeration but basic factualness of Your New Tricks to the observation of lovers ‘ habits in Sri Lanka that is Under Every Bright Umbrella and the heart on sleeve declarations of The Rising of the Sun, many aspects of love are put under the musical microscope. The album was executed by Mark (guitar, bass and vocals), Max Goodliffe (drums and percussion) and the heroic guitars of Damien D’Souza. It was recorded by John Goodliffe between September 2015 and November 2017.

Release Date: 2018

10 Cents above a beggar – Mark Gresty’s Pappadom Songs

First album from an experienced musician/song-writer is sophisticated pop for discerning listeners with a musical mixture of jazz, blues, Latin, folk and pop music and lyrics of an ironic, allusive nature on themes of maturity and worldly experience.

Genre: Rock: Adult Contemporary
Release Date: 2011

The Patron Saints of Dysfunction

The second album, follow-up to the acclaimed ’10 cents’ contains songs about a collection of losers, both famous and unknown. Looser in feel it contains blues, jazz, funk, hip-hop and spacey grooves, songs to the Devil, Arthur Lee and the writer himself!

Genre : Pop: Beatles-pop
Release Date: 2012